Homes for Sale in Alta Vista

About Alta Vista

This means that when the neighborhood was being built, it was done in such a way as to make all boundaries easy to distinguish.

Alta Vista was founded as a working class neighborhood when houses first went up in the 1920s and 1930s. The housing in the area is much more affordable than some of its neighbors, making this a great alternative to Monte Vista or other nearby neighborhoods.

Alta Vista used to be nothing but houses, but today it is a good mixture of both houses for sale, houses for rent and apartments. Many of the apartments available in Alta Vista are not traditional complexes but instead some of the larger houses in the area that were converted to multiple units. Many of these units keep the charm of the originals, making them very unique.

The average house in Alta Vista sells for $96,745. The architecture of the houses (many of which were turn-of-the-century) ranges from French to Victorian and can be from one to four bedrooms in size.

Children living in Monte Vista and Alta Vista are zoned to attend schools within the San Antonio Independent School District.

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