Homes for Sale in Monte Vista

About Monte Vista

Monte Vista is located roughly 1.5 miles north of Downtown and includes 14 subdivisions, the largest of which is where the area culls its name. The entire set of subdivisions spans 100 city blocks and houses approximately 3,000 people. Its distinguished residential architecture, primarily from San Antonio’s “Gilded Age,” defined as extending from 1890 to 1930, forms the most extensive and intact neighborhood of this era in Texas.

Instead of the usual Spanish-influenced architecture that was prominent at the time, San Antonio architects went outside of the box and varied the houses. The result is an attractive mix of Queen Anne, Hollywood bungalow, Georgian, Moorish and Victorian era architecture that gives Monte Vista its unique feel.

The median price of a house in Monte Vista is $272,915, making it not only one of the most expensive neighborhoods in San Antonio but also in the entire state. The houses are expensive because most of them are quite large and are architecturally unique. The prime location near downtown and the fact that Monte Vista is a historical district also add to the price tag.

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