Nursery Ideas for Your First Family Home

The baby is on its way and now it is time to start planning the design for the nursery in your new home! How exciting! Whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, or a boy and a girl, we have you covered with these great nursery ideas and inspiration. Including themes, color schemes, cribs and bedding, and toys. So let’s get those creative juices flowing for your future loved one.


Some great gender-neutral themes can fall into the topics of animals, nature, circus, etc. Think about elephants or owls for animals and a forest or beach for nature. These are great for boys and girls while still being fun and cute. These themes can also add on to the color scheme of the rest of the room. A great addition to the themes could be some nice graphics on the wall. Once you figure that out, you can grab a rug that compliments what you are going for. In most cases, the rug is one of the main centerpieces of the room (and one that is easily changed) so you can go bold and vibrant!

Another great idea that goes along with any theme is having a little library full of bedtime stories and colorful books. This can accentuate the room and give you quick access to reading your child to bed, and the library can grow as your child grows. We like to organize them by color – because a nursery is a perfect place for a rainbow! Some colorful geometric toys would accentuate the colors of the library too, leaving the nursery playful and charming.

Paint & Color Schemes

We all know the popular color schemes for boys are baby blue and girls are light pink. But sometimes we want the colors to be for either a girl or a boy. A great idea to avoid this is to try wall illustrations. Fun, squiggly lines drawn to form modern animals are popular trend – you can stick with grey, black, or white to draw these and it will be completely gender neutral.

If you are looking to paint, we suggest selecting a color that will grow with your child, and that will pair well with more vibrant colors used as accessories. Soft gray is popular for this reason, and in the instance you need to move, won’t require repainting the room.

A note on painting – some paints can give off fumes that are bad for pregnant Mommies to breathe in. Make sure you open windows and ventilate the space well and wear mask. Or, use organic paint – they come in a wide variety of colors now, too!

Cribs & Bedding

Choosing a crib can prove to be difficult sometimes. Any kind of wood-grain crib for your baby is perfect for both boys and girls. Something about wood just brings a lot of nature into the home. The natural look also complements virtually anything. If wood is not your cup of tea, try going for a white crib. White tends to draw a lot of light into the room and it stands out when everything else might be colorful.

With every crib comes the blankets, pillows, and mobiles. Here is where you can really accentuate your theme with characters and colors!

Carry your theme over to your diaper changing area to give your room a cohesive feel. In this area, convenience is key – hang your needed materials on the wall, or place diapers, wipes, ointments, and powders in acute box or basket. This makes it easy to access without making the room feel too crowded.


You always fall in love with your childhood toy, so this part is important in my book. You can never go wrong with a stuffed animal. Sure, the toy might start off as a slobber tool, but as the child grows older, they will recognize that the stuffed animal was always there and really love it.

Forts are a huge hit for babies, It is very easy to make them look beautiful, and you can have a lot of cool lights and designs inside. Consider it a “nursery inside a nursery.”

*Be sure to read the safety recommendations and warnings before placing any toy in your child’s crib or room.

We hope that these nursery ideas have kick-started your imagination! Whatever décor you end up choosing, we know it will be the best for your little one. Congratulations and have fun!

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